Zordon of Eltar is the original mentor of the Power Rangers. He was sealed into an inter-dimensional time warp by Rita Repulsa, shortly before Rita herself became imprisoned in a space dumpster.Contents [hide]1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers2. Power Rangers: Zeo3. Power Rangers: Turbo4. Power Rangers in SpaceMighty Morphin Power RangersThe first time we see Zordon, he tells Alpha 5 to call forth five "teenagers with attitude". Rita had been released from her space dumpster and needed five warriors to defend the planet from her attacks. After the green ranger was no more, and the entrance of Lord Zedd, Zordon needed another ranger. He and Alpha 5 begun constructing a new ranger. They had constructed the White Ranger and gave the former green ranger, Tommy Oliver, the new powers. When a new threat, Master Vile, came into the picture, the rangers needed reinforcements. Zordon called upon the Alien Rangers of Aquitar to help out in their time of need.Power Rangers: Zeo When the rangers needed help again, Zordon had no hesitation to contact their friends on Aquitar. Even gaining a new ally, the Gold Ranger. Power Rangers: TurboAfter the rangers helped Alpha's friend Lerigot, Zordon and Alpha 5 left for their home planet of Eltar. The rangers were greeted by Dimitria of Inquiris and Alpha 6, Zordon and Alpha 5's replacements. They did return, however, Power Rangers in Space

After Zordon had been captured by Dark Specter, Divatox was called forth (along with the other villains up to that point). He formed the United Alliance of Evil, placing Astronema in charge. Which didn't go over too well with Rita Repulsa and Divatox. The Space Rangers spent the season trying to find Zordon, while Dark Specter was draining his energy.

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