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Yuki Takamiya is a Protagonist is 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.


Girl tying Ponytail with Red Ribbon. I have Leather Gloves in my hand. Sukeban is so skillful that it can be known to other schools. With companionship, a strong sense of justice and a quick quarrel. Natsuno Minami is a childhood friend from elementary school who is the only person who can talk without hesitation. Since I moved at Junior High School, I was separated, and I have corresponded since then. Originally a first-year student at Suzugamine Women's High School, when I was guided by a fight with Yankee at another school, Ida got a weakness because of Father, who was in prison, and was involved in weapons manufacturing. Transferred to Sakura High School after receiving Spy's mission to investigate Minami's Name. With Erika Aiba, who claims to be an assistant, approaches the truth about the disappearance of Natsuno Minami. The activation marker for Machine Soldier is near the Clavicle of Right.

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