Yoyo (Bahamut Lagoon)

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Yoyo is a Heroine of Bahamut Lagoon.


Princess of Kahna Kingdom. He was a childhood friend of Byuu and was in a relationship of hugging a faint love. During the fall of Kahna Kingdom, he was taken away by Emperor Sauzer seeking God Dragon Power and spending the next few years at Granbelos Empire. At this time, she becomes a lover with General Susua Palpaleos who took care of Myself. Immediately after being rescued by Rebels, the relationship with Byuu is divided from Past's thing, always follows Palpaleos, and Porapaleos repeats the behavior as if it were the center of the World, etc. Although he had a childhood spirit, he had a feeling for Palpaleos, responsibility as the only royal family of Kahna Kingdom, and the pain caused by staying in the God Dragon, but as a leader of Rebels, he became a Battle over the God Dragon. Stand up. At the time of collecting all God Dragons, only Yoyo will change Job from Warlock to Dragnar, and Graphics will feel a little mature.

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