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Yorihime (依姫) is a character from the hentai Shikkoku no Shaga.

She is half human half monster.



She contrast to a good performing woman, she is silent and does not reveal any emotion. She has two form, a human form and a monster form, she is a Snake-Girl.


in Hira Kiyomori's residence, Toyohime and Yorihime, huddled against them, showed a mysterious movement. With the members of the Kiyomori Foundation, they make an orgy ... and pleasures swirl. However, Kiyomori, who should have been the leader, is somewhat worried about "fear". The bodies of the intertwined women became snakes and swallowed Kiyomori. The next day Yorihime Yomi is looking for information in a village and trap men by seducing them, she had sex with them by illusion but also in reality. She finish by kill a guy called Sasuke who had cum on her face.

Physical description

Hair: Silver, long hair,hime cut

Eyes:Blue, hikimayu

Body: Large breast, snake; fangs

Clothes: Kimono


Toyohime: An other monster girl with who she act, they are a duo of villains. They killed together. She is her sister

Sasuke: A virgin paysan with who she had sex, she finally kill him.

Hiyomori: A man she killed after sex


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