Yee, Peek and Zeek are three reformed antagonists. They first appeared in Robbie Gets Mooned.

Powers And Abilities


  • Goop Rays are purposed to goop people into a trap, encasing to be unable to move.
  • Stink Bombs are unique molecular structures to explode into toxic gasoline.


The trio wears jumpsuits with gloves, belts with pockets and boots and badges '1, 2 and 3' and they have name tags 'Yee, Peek and Zeek'.



Yee is obviously the smart one of the group and the leader of the group and he's kind of intelligent and logical and he's got kind of a worker down at the agency.


Peek is a notable member who's always slick and cool and he's kinda has a 50's vibe and he always say "Hey, Baby. Heh!".


Zeek is feisty and hostile one who's kinda abrasive and little abivant and he loves music and shiny bling and gold necklaces.


They first appeared in the episode Robbie Gets Mooned. Robbie has do a report about the moon so he takes Professor Timeford's rocket ship and they flew off to the moon and he flew off to the moon and then he meets some Canadians and they need help to find their ship. They said it's in the dark side of the moon so Robbie turned it to the bright side of the moon and they ended up with three moody, blue, idiotic moonsies and the trio attacked him and take his astrorubies and they told him about his plans and they attempt to foiled their plans and flew away on the Canadian ship and they said they would their revenge and then in Alien Invasion, they've sacked their revenge on him by using goop blasters and stink bombs and they've attacked again Robbie and his friends and then they had their own cameos in "Win, Lose or Kaboom?" and finally in the "Evil League of Villains" Ivan befriended Zeek and confronted him to bust them out and he said "yes" and then he confronted Yee and Peek to help them and then finale has ended.


  • Yee, Peek and Zeek are a parody of Zix, Traveltron and Tee and Moon Fiends.
  • Yee and Zeek are referenced to YouTube memes, hence their names.
  • Yee was voiced by Maurice LaMarche, Peek was voiced by Jeff Bennett, Zeek was by Kevin Michael Richardson.
  • Yee, Peek and Zeek are Clutchulaxxians and they come from Bloxximous.
  • The trio is more of supporting anti-heroes than villains.


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