Yayoi Kuribayashi
Yayoi Kuribayashi is the secondary character and anti villain in the anime MØUSE. She is member the research member of Team Mouse and is voiced by Cindy Alexander. She has brown hair, wears glasses and a pink skimpy outfit that she wears whenever she's on heists with Team Mouse.


Yayoi Kuribayashi works the same double life at the college Sorata works at as a nurse there. In the first episode, after she notices Mouse late for work, she offers him a chemical drug that she invented that could help him but might not let him sleep ever again. Later that day, as Sorata returns to his apartment, Yayoi appears before him, happy to see him, and acts sexually around him with Mei and Hazuki, although disturbing Sorata. Yayoi was later seen dressed as a cat, along with Mei and Hazuki, who were watching the news with Sorata about police officer, Onizuka Heitaro, challenging Mouse to steal the recently built building, the Odaibah tower. Yayoi, along with the rest of Team Mouse, tells Sorata that he can take on the police as they discussed about the history of Mouse, who was a thief who started out for hundred years ago.

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