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Yariko (ヤリ子) is a character from the hentai JK Bitch ni Shiboraretai (JKビッチに搾られたい♥). She is a student. She is alluring, perverted, and slutty.


She is a popular girl in High School and she is exhibitionist. Yariko's goal is to have sex with 100 virgins, and that's why she often has sex with others at school. But one day she will meet a different boy...

Physical description

Hair: She has shoulder length blonde hair with pink highlights and a twintail hairstyle.

Eyes: She has cyan eyes with long eyelashes.

Body: She is a gyaru, and has gigantic breasts with large areolae.

Clothes: She generally wears clothes that allow for easy sex. She wears her school uniform with a miniskirt, loose socks, a sweater, lingerie (if she's wearing underwear), a ribbon tie, and earrings.


Yariko's character is defined by her love for sex. She has sex as much as possible, with as many guys as possible, and doesn't care who knows it. She seems to prefer doing it in very public spaces, making her an exhibitionist.

Voice actor

She is voiced by Usagi Kusuda (楠田兎), alias Maki Kobayashi