Wordbot is a robot built by Tobey. She first appeared in the TV movie The Rise of Miss Power,
as one of Tobey's robots comforting him when he was made fun of by Miss Power and Wordgirl.

Wordbot was later properly introduced in her self-titled episode "Wordbot", and was made to be superior to Wordgirl in terms of strength and speed. Her original purpose was the destruction of Wordgirl, which, if successful, would enable Tobey to cause destruction unchecked. She was also made to be completely loyal to Tobey, but this loyalty eventually evolved into jealousy, and she even began to turn on her creator when he wanted to spend time with Wordgirl instead of her. At the end of the episode "Wordbot", she was stored in Wordgirl's hideout, where she was seen turning herself on, even without her battery pack. As of yet, Wordgirl has not been able to defeat Wordbot by sheer force; only by the removal of said battery pack.

Wordbot 2
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