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Wirt Over the Garden Wall Art


Wirt is one of the main protaginsts of the show, Over the Garden Wall. He is a teenager who views the world in a serious way, unlike his little brother Gregory. He is usually stubborn and makes a point of being in opposition to the other's suggestions, which usually leads them in trouble. He has a selfish way of thinking and is quick to blame his brother for their misery, and while this is partially true, Wirt only bears the title of a leader, as he doesn't have the capabilities yet. He is, most of all, a typical teenage boy with worries of his own.


He is a tall and rather thin boy, with a red gnome-themed hat. His outfit consists of a buttoned-cape, grey pants, and a white shirt. He also has dark sienna hair. In the episode Into the Unkown, it is shown that his attire is merely a Halloween costume, and he is shown in a yellow sweater over a basic dress shirt and brown pants.


Wirt is a rather pessimistic realist in many ways, but also has a naïve and childish side. He is easily scared and surprised, and even though he is more perceptive than his brother, he is very much still a kid.



  • Wirt is voiced by Elijah Wood. Who is best known for his role as Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings and 9 from the movie by the same name.
  • Although he's older, Wirt is afraid of many things, and prefers to be by himself. However, he has Gregory to look after.
  • His secret passions are playing the clarinet and poetry.
  • In Songs of the Dark Lantern, it revealed that he and Greg are half-brothers.