Winston is the main protagonist of the 2014 Disney animated short, Feast.


"He's a star terrier that's full of energy," says director Patrick Osborne. "Like any of us, Winston is looking for food and some kind of emotional connection." The stray Winston finds both when he discovers a human named James on the other end of a french fry. The story follows their growing friendship over a 12-year span based on the meals, some accidentally spilled, they eat — all seen from Winston's point of view. But one day woman enters in James' life...At first this is a setback for Winston as nachos and spaghetti give way to Brussels sprouts and hummus. But, ultimately, Winston tries to rescue the faltering human relationship, despite the seemingly dismal food prospects. At that moment, Winston rises above himself and becomes much more than a dog," Osborne says. "He steps outs of his instincts and makes a sacrifice.

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Born a stray, Winston's life changed forever when he was discovered by a human man named James. Adopted and named, Winston grew to truly love his new owner's bachelor lifestyle, especially as James begins to share his human food with the eager pup. Winston becomes a part of James' circle of friends and their rituals, including football viewing parties and guys' nights out at the local steakhouse. It is during one such night, however, that James meets a local waitress... and Winston's happy life is changed. As James as his new female continue their relationship, Winston's beloved junk food is gone, replaced with vegetables and hummus, all things no dog would ever eat. Reduced back to kibble, Winston falls into a depression that seems endless... until one night when James comes home and, having broken up with his girlfriend, seeks solace in food. At first happy that the status quo has been restored, Winston is not unable to see his friend's depression. Finally unable to ignore James' suffering any longer, Winston scrambles out through an open window and leads James on a chase through their neighborhood and right back to the steakhouse. Ignoring countless temptations, Winston is able to reunite James and his girlfriend. Winston resigns himself to this new life as his human marries and begins a life with his female. Finally, however, a human pup is born and Winston is reunited with his beloved junk food as the child grows.


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