"Tony Hawk!"
  • Before releasing off saw blade from his arm (dubbed)

Wheeler (given name by fans; 조타실) is one of minor antagonists in the Korean 2006 film Aachi & Ssipak. He is one of the Diaper King's mutated henchmen.



During the film production, this cyborg mutant was one of the first mutants to be drawn and was likely the main mutant to be shown unlike the other mutant cyborgs.

Physical appearance

This was a blueish, muscular mutant, stood about 9 feet tall, wearing hockey mask with two holes, gray hood and torn bow-tie, with a black block to his chest as his armor, hockey shin guards to his legs, also has a chainsaw and a weird looking weapon holder attached each of his arms, even has holes to his shoulders, showing this was a deceased corpse that was wrapped in mutant skin like some sort of creepy flesh fursuit.



This mutant was once a human, when the world run out of all forms of energy, people startled built the new city by making the new energy with their excrements. Soon after the city's leaders announcing two legislations to generate and control the new energy, including installs an ID chip in each citizen's anus to monitor the defecation level, providing of defecates to citizens in return with one addictive juicybar. Until soon later, defecation amounts have skyrocketed, city becomes full of addicts due to juicybar's strong addiction. An illegal trade of juicybars becomes prevalent and its side effects has created mutants, all the Diaper Gang were one of the people that turn into but unfortunately this one was one of some people that died.

Aachi & Ssipak

Wheeler firstappearance

Wheeler in the film

Wheeler was one of the cyborg mutants to be created by Dr. Stranger, after the doctor accept to work with the Diaper King and his minions.

Wheeler makes his first appearance, chasing down Geko along with another mutant "Staker" (which later to be the last mutant cyborg to chase down Geko but later died.) with two of them trying to kill them, in order to protect their king during the chase. Geko tries to take them out but only shoots Staker, causing to slow down due to losing his arm while Wheeler protects himself by rising his skateboard up from the firing bullets. Wheeler soon releases out his saw blade from his arm to kill him but only slices off Geko's fingers and his pistols, as kept chasing but suddenly gets crushed by an falling mine cart which actually kills him, which rips his arm off, which the cart suddenly bounces off of him and makes him launches himself away backwards and later dead. (Which it was actually from Aachi who threw a Diaper Gang.)



Nothing known about Wheeler's abilities but shown what he can do.

  • Speed: Wheeler was a fast-speeding mutant, only riding an skateboard that has a lot of wheels. Because without it, he can't chase anybody with it.
  • Screenshot (6028)

    Wheeler releases out his saw blade

    Shield/Protect: Wheeler can protect by rising his skateboard to guard off firing bullets.
  • Chainsaw: He can swipe his arm as a weapon to attack.
  • Launching blades: Able to launch out blades from his arm which later didn't do it anymore.


Due to his body was a fresh corpse, it likely from firing bullets and something that wasn't designed for.

  • Firing bullets: Wasn't designed from firing bullets because of his body was fresh.
  • Crushed: Wheeler basically gets crushed to hard, metal objects due to his body wasn't like metal.

People killed

Failed attempts


  • Due to this mutant been unnamed, it was fan named as Wheeler by a user "quirinn".
  • Wheeler was the only supermutant to get a voice in the English dubbed version, but it was not known who voices him.
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