The Were-Rabbit is a character from the DreamWorks/Aardman animated film, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. In the film, He is a giant rabbit that was in danger of getting shot by Victor Quartermaine. The Were-Rabbit is terrified of the vegetable patch. He is actually Wallace after a freak accident with a mind control machine.


After Wallace develops a freaky accident, he puts Hutch in a cage. He and Gromit go upstairs to bed. Meanwhile in the Basement, Hutch breaks open, and goes to the Vicar's Church. He was sneaking up on Vicar to eat the vegetables. After he has beaten Vicar, he jumped out of the chuch, hunting down vegetables. Hutch then returns to our duo's house. After a night-time chase and series of clues, Wallace and Gromit come to the theory that Hutch is the Were-Rabbit. After Lady Tottington leaves Wallace's house crying, Victor and Phillip make it to Wallace and Gromit's house while Wallace is transforming into the furry monster. He goes to the Tottington Hall's Vegetable Competition, hunted down by the competitors. The Were-Rabbit grabs Lady Tottington then jumps up on the roof of the Tottington Hall. Then is about to get shot by Victor. However the Golden Carrot crashes on Gromit's Plane instead of killing the monster. The Were-Rabbit then falls down destroying the Food tent, but is seemly deceased after the monster converts back to Wallace. Wallace is then revived by smelling a slice of Stinking Bishop.


◾The Were-Rabbit is an Aardman parody on the Universal horror movie monsters, most obviously the Wolfman.

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