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The Warden (born December 25, 1969) (real name Mark Davis) is the main character of the series Superjail!, and the owner of the aforementioned prison.

He is voiced by David Wain.


The Warden is a pale man of a slender build and is 5'11". He usually dresses in a purple tailcoat, with matching slacks and top hat. He wears a pink bow tie and can often be seen holding his cane. He also wears a pair of round yellow spectacles, of which he is never seen taking off. He has dark blue eyes.

In one episode, It was shown through one of Warden's drawings that his tooth were yanked out by his father as a small child.

He is 38 years old. He is also shown to exhibit gynecomastia, poor eyesight, a flabby stomach, and thinning hair.

In one episode and the official music video for the intro theme song for the show, The Warden is depicted in real life as an obese, balding, dirty-looking man with a beard. He overall still wears the same clothes as he does as a cartoon character albeit with red shades instead of yellow shades.


He is generally shown to exhibit an enthusiastic, childish sort of personality, as well as being a megalomaniac or being a narcissist for himself and his ideas. He is mentally deranged, insane, crazy and is very evil but is unaware of this. He is also shown to have a darker, sadistic demeanor that can manifest through some of his schemes. He is said to be almost like a supervillain in some ways.


  • An early character design of The Warden was shown in a 2007 teaser for Superjail!. Instead of wearing his purple suit or top hat, this Warden was dressed in a black suit, had wilder hair, different glasses, and was unshaven. This design was an incredibly early draft that was discarded after David Wain was cast in the role, upon which Warden was redesigned to both resemble Wain and a "sadistic Willy Wonka".
  • Considering the fact that he was modeled after his actor David Wain, The Warden can be considered as 5'11" and at the time he was modeled in, 38 years old.