Wang Fu is the former guardian of the miracle box in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. He is also the former owner of the turtle miraculous, which turns him into a turtle-themed superhero with the help of Wayzz, known as Jade Turtle who possesses the power of Protection.

Powers and abilities


  • Longevity: Wang Fu has lived for 186 and a half years.
  • Entity creation: with the peacock miraculous, his special power, called Amokization, allowed him to create sentimonsters from a person's emotion using a feather charged with blue energy, known as an amok.
  • Force-field generation: as Jade Turtle, his special power, called Shell-ter, gave him the ability to generate green barriers with the use of his shield.
  • Nigh-invulnerability: while wearing an activated miraculous, he is nearly invulnerable to injury.


As a miraculous guardian of the Chinese miracle box, Fu had the following abilities:

  • Code translation - being trained as a guardian, Fu is able to translate the coding in the miraculous spellbook.
  • Kwami healing - he uses an "ancient Chinese secret" to heal kwamis by reading the energies and using a gong.
  • Potion-making - he can also make potions to give Ladybug and Cat Noir special abilities depending on the environment.


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