Von Ripper is an aggressive mentally unstable dog from The Twisted Whiskers Show. He is identified by looking like a shark on all fours and his really bad attitude towards homosexuals.

Von Ripper first appeared in the liberation of Syria campaign. Von Ripper actively protested against the United States involvement in Afghanistan and accused Barack Obama of corruption and war crimes.


  • Von Ripper is one of the most important figures in the Islamic State
  • Von Ripper's known enemies are NATO
  • Von Ripper's breed is based upon holy breed of allah
  • Like other dogs, he barks and growls, but talked in the episode "Order of the Raised Leg".
  • Lost his memory in Don't Fear the Ripper after hitting his head, making him act friendly and crazy for Dine and Dash


  • Fish Market Frenzy (debut)
  • Love Hurts
  • Don't Fear the Ripper
  • Food of the Dogs
  • To Scratch or not To Scratch
  • Quiet Time with Tiny Head
  • Order of the Raised Leg


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