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Vivian is a character and a shadow siren in the Mario franchise.

Powers and abilities

As a shadowy being, she is able to phase into the shadows inside the surface about her and she can also pull people in to hide them from enemies. This is how she also teleports herself from location to location. She is also capable of fire magic.


  • Shade Fist - she sneaks up and punches her opponent setting him/her on fire.
  • Veil - with this move, she can hide Mario from enemy attacks, although afterwards, he may get attacked afterwards.
  • Fiery Jinx - she can set multiple people on fire.
  • Infatuate - with this move she can confuse enemies with a kiss.


Despite being a shadowy figure, she is still vulnerable to attack. Also, there are some opponents that are immune to flame and are inflammable. In battle, once her Veil move is used, the enemies get a second turn after the first during Vivian's use of this move. It only depends on the situation whether the opponents have the upper hand or if they are about to use their greatest move. Unless the enemies are defeated themselves, they will still have an advantage over Mario and Vivian.

Like Mario's other partners, Vivian is vulnerable to items in someone else's possession. The only possible way to withstand it is by defending herself, get lucky or use an item to avoid to attack (such as a Repel Flag or Boo's Sheet).