Vinny Griffin is a recurring character in Family Guy. He's a dog the Griffins purchased at the pet store after the (temporary) death of their previous dog Brian. Most of the family warmed up to Vinny for his good humor, with Stewie being the only exception. After many attempts to get rid of Vinny, including spraying him with a skunk, he revealed his hatred toward him. Stewie's hatred gaveway to acceptance after Vinny told him about how he lost his previous owner Leo to a yoga incident. Soon, the two became friends. He remained with the Griffins for many months up to December when Stewie wished to the Mall Santa that he wanted Brian back. During another mall visit, Vinny helped Stewie steal the Time Machine return pad from his past self's backpack so he could save Brian in time. However, in doing so, neither the Griffins (including Stewie) nor Vinny ever met.

Vinny later made a cameo appearance at the end of the Season 15 premiere episode "The Boys in the Band".

He is voiced by New-York-born actor Tony Sirico of The Sopranos fame.

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