Vincent Moore is the main antagonist in the 2015 film Chappie. He is a worker who wants to destroy Chappie along with his boss.He is portrayed by famous actor Hugh Jackman.Vincent works with Deon in a company that creates robots that work for the law. He is bitter that Deon's robots are favored over his MOOSE robots, which are seen as excessive for crime fighting. Early on in the film he searches for the security key that is inside Chappie's head, and when he finds Chappie he traumatizes the sentient robot by sawing his arm off and opening up the robot's skull to remove the security key, before letting the robot go. After he spies on Deon and realizes the robot is sentient, he comes up with a plan to destroy Chappie and kill Deon, he turns the robots offline (including Chappie) and cause the city to fall apart and kills Chappie's adopted mom with a giant MOOSE robot that he controls from the Tetravaal factory. Later Chappie storms in the MOOSE building and attacks Vincent. The fight ends in the main office, where Chappie leaves Vincent on the verge of death, telling him "now I forgive you", it was unknown what happend to Vincent after that.


Vincent's similarity is nearly the same as Jonathan Ironsfrom Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

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