Victor is a fictional character in Creepshow 3. He appears as an actual vampire disguised as a human naming himself Victor. He is different from normal vampires.


Nothing is known about his life, origin, or backstory. The only thing known about him is that he's a vampire. He appears as a normal shy guy, but is really a vampire though how he became one is not known. He was probably there for years as the Call Girl Killer is not his only victim. While getting stabbed to death by a Prostitute who apparently enjoys killing her male victims while she's seducing them, after the Prostitute showers to rid of Victor's blood, She hears Victor's voice only to remove the pillow from his face and see him with a very long tongue and sharp teeth revealed to be a vampire who starts asking "Why did you kill me?" multiple times before biting her. She then dies of blood loss, but becomes a vampire off screen.


  1. The Killer Prostitute is not the first victim. There are other occupants who have also encountered Victor.
  2. The Prostitute becomes a vampire off screen though there's no clear sign or indication of it. However, if one looks closely at her neck, her neck starts bleeding again, this time in a very odd behavior acting like a normal vampire bite when it bleeds indicating she'll become a vampire as well.
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