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Veronica is a hard-nosed, stressed-out network executive who appears in Disney's The Muppets.


She gets called on by the Muppets, Walter, Gary and Mary, to air the telethon to save the Muppet Studios.

At first just like the TV executives of FOX, NBC and Puluvision, she too refused to launch the Muppet Telethon until she changed her mind (mainly because the TV game show, Punch Teacher, got sued by the Teachers Society of America). She once threatened Kermit that she would launch reruns of Benson if he didn't find a celebrity host.

Later, she was amazed on the Muppets' success so far that she even gave a "Woo-hoo" after they performed the Rainbow Connection. She is even seen and saying her part for the last song, Mahna Mahna, while holding her latte and checking her cell phone.