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Velvet is a twelve-year-old human female, the daughter of It's a Bully and Playtime.{{Character_Bio|image1 = Velvet.png|name = Velvet|age = 12|family = [[Playtime]] (Mother)
*[[Velvet (Hazbin Hotel)]]
*[[Velvet (Baldi)]]
Bully(Father)|friends = [[Playtime]]
*[[Velvet Von Black]]
Player|alignment = Neutrel|likes = Candy
Zesty bars
Jump rope|hates = Jerks}}
[[Category:On & Off]]
[[Category:Affably Evil]]
[[Category:Remorseful Characters]]
[[Category:Spoiled Sweet]]
[[Category:Honorable characters]]
[[Category:Chaotic Neutral]]
[[Category:Baldi Characters]]
[[Category:Daughter of a Villain]]

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