Vector (formerly Victor Perkins) is the main villain of Despicable Me. He is a male super villain and the son of Mr. Perkins (William Arnett), the owner of the Bank of Evil, his mother Mrs. Perkins is never seen or mentioned. The upstart villain is famous for stealing the Great Pyramid of Giza. Vector becomes Gru's arch-enemy when he attempts to hijack the latter's plan of stealing the Moon. He is voiced by Jason Segel. He bears a resemblance to Edna Mode from ''The Incredibles''. ==Character relationships== *[[Itachi Uchiha]] - Vector briefly works Itachi in Naruto: Blood Vengeance, before he was killed by Sasuke Uchiha (Yuri Lowenthal). *[[Zoisite (Sailor Moon Crystal)|Zoisite]] - Vector briefly works for Zoisite in Sailor Moon Crystal: Dark Resurrection, before she was killed by [[Queen Beryl]] (Cindy Robinson). *Sister Lucia - Defeated by her and is forced to work for her in A Certain Magical Index: Trouble in Italy. *Sister Agnese Sanctis - His rival in A Certain Magical Index: Trouble in Italy. Plans to use her as bait to lure in Sister Lucia (Lauren Landa). [[Category:Film characters]] [[Category:Supervillains]] [[Category:Antagonists]] [[Category:Despicable Me Characters]] [[Category:Villains]] [[Category:Characters with glasses]] [[Category:Remorseful Characters]] [[Category:Anti-Villain]] [[Category:Main Villains]] [[Category:Movie Villains]] [[Category:Evil Vs. Evil]] [[Category:Nemesis]] [[Category:Archenemy]] [[Category:One apperance characters]] [[Category:Misogynists]] [[Category:Rivals]] [[Category:Villains]] [[Category:Despicable Me Characters]] [[Category:Universal characters]] [[Category:Antagonists]] [[Category:Supervillains]] [[Category:Male]]

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