Fictional Characters Wiki

Hereby the admin team at Fictional Characters Wiki announces the opening of Characterpedia, our Discord chat server for discussing matters related to the wiki or to fictional characters themselves - in near-real time. There we can discuss how to improve the wiki, as well as share fanart of canon fictional characters.

Editors with registered Discord accounts are encouraged to join this server via this invite link:

Each incoming editor must first pass a verification process before they are allowed entry into the rest of the server and must abide by the rules in force on that server. Blocked editors (as well as their sockpuppets) are not allowed under any circumstances until they are unblocked (unless they are banned across the FANDOM network, on which case they will never be allowed at all!)

Those editors without Discord accounts are encouraged to create accounts and join the server, since this is now becoming the norm in many other FANDOM wikis (even FANDOM staff have set up their own global Discord server).

Thankee and have a nice day!