SilSinn9801, better known as Silent Sinner in Scarlet in the YouTube community, but usually abbreviated as SilSinn in various video-gaming communities, was an FM-synth indie musician with some fondness for the original musical works by Nobuo Uematsu & Revo, as well as other godfathers of Japanese anime & video game music like Tatsuo Takai & ZUN. He/she had an interest in researching multilingual features of some video games like Bravely Default (their primary reason for joining FANDOM in the first place), in addition to training Pokémon when not contributing to FANDOM or making music.

SilSinn was part of the Fictional Characters Wiki’s administration team from April 4, 2019 to November 21, 2020, mainly focused on preventing edit wars, migrating the {{Character Infobox}} from raw wikicode to Portable Infobox code, fixing page categories, deleting redundant categories & templates, and fixing redlinks on badly- or non-copy-edited character articles. Reason for retirement: loss of time & motivation to keep maintaining the wiki when faced with trying to strike the best balance between making chiptune music, wiki management, Discord server management, & family time.

(FANDOM’s SilSinn9801 is not to be confused with the SilSinn9801 from Wikipedia; there, SilSinn is known instead as SilSinn9821, since the name SilSinn9801 was already taken when he/she wanted to join Wikimedia. By the way, the PC-9821 was supposed to be an improvement over the PC-9801, so the name SilSinn9821 would have been a better choice for FANDOM as well.)

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