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  • Christine Anderson - A smart, hard-working and patient lady cop and one of two main characters of the show. Christine is the most level-headed and intelligent of the two and takes her job seriously as a cop. She always wants to get the job done right and hates it when an interference or distraction occurs (mostly caused by Johnny's clumsiness and awkwardness). She is partners with Johnny, although she dislikes his behaviour she does see him as good cop and friend. She also often gets transformed into animals by Wanda and other fairy tale characters. She often wears and dark blue jacket with purple pants and has dark orange hair. Her name was slightly similar to Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish author who wrote fairy tales.
  • Johnny Legend - Christine's childish, cowardly and clumsy partner who is easily distracted from work; he prefers to style his hair with a comb that he always carries around in his pocket than solve a crime. Johnny's clumsiness and inability to focus properly mostly gets the pair in trouble which is something that he is not often aware of. Although he acts cowardly, he can be serious at times but only in the most extreme of circumstances (or if he wants to).
  • Wanda - A clumsy fairy who struggles with magic, which can be troublesome at times. Wanda is also somewhat careless and distracted like Johnny and takes a while to get her spells right. Wanda's magic words are usually "Wanda Winkle" and was one of the good fairy godmothers from the Sleeping Beauty story, specifically the one who alerted the bad fairy's curse. Wanda is friends with Cinderella's fairy godmother, Agatha and is enemies with Nancy the bad fairy also from Sleeping Beauty.
  • Chief Horace White - The grumpy, overbearing and no-nonsense chief of F.T.P.D Station. He is easily annoyed and Johnny's childish awkwardness and carelessness often puts him on the edge of the chief's temper.
  • Claude - A scientist frog who says he's really a prince, is intelligent enough, but his ideas and inventions are sometimes useless and ridiculous.
  • Pinocchio - A fairy tale character who works at F.T.P.D. Like the original Pinocchio, his nose grows longer if he tells a lie.