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'''MOVED TO [[User:JoyMercer675 2002|MY NEW ACCOUNT]].'''
[[File:Placeholder|thumb|220px]]{{Charactertemplate-0|title1 = LaCienega Boulevardez|image1 = CF861729-986C-4D75-8D79-89A0953F0E5D.png|feature_films = [[The Proud Family Movie]]|voice = Alisa Reyes|personality = Stuck up, conceited, insecure, mean, sarcastic, two-faced, girly, arrogant, vain, snobbish, obnoxious, jealous, deceitful, cruel, petty, sassy, greedy, smug, somewhat of a gold-digger, self-centered, spoiled, annoying, shallow, cowardly|likes = Being beautiful, boys following her around, being rude to Penny, ballet, attention, money, expensive material items, parties, red|dislikes = Her big feet, getting her hair messy, Penny, not having money, not getting her way, being ugly, humility, her grandfather in danger}}This is your user page. Please edit this page to tell the community about yourself!
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