Presley Carnovan – voiced by Bill Switzer
A 12-year-old boy who has the spirit of Prince Rapses XII (an ancient pharaoh) who is based on Ramses. He soon discovers this when the Mummies introduce themselves as his guardians. He lives in San Francisco with his mother. He is reluctant to accept his role as Rapses, but on at least two occasions where he had the chance to be freed of his role, when Rapses's father apparently came through the Western Gate and when the original Rapses was drawn into the present, he expressed reluctance at losing his status as 'pharaoh' because it would have also meant him losing the mummies.

  • Prince Rapses – was the heir to the Egyptian throne 3500 years ago. He was protected by the Mummies (before they were Mummies), but was killed when he was Presley's age by Scarab. This story is told in Sleep Walk Like an Egyptian. His spirit now lies within Presley, and is drawn out by Scarab in several episodes. Rapses himself comes to the present in The Prince and the Presley, when Scarab steals a time travel scroll to draw him to the present in the hopes that he would be easier to capture than the present Presley. Rapses returns to the past at the end of the episode.

Amanda Carnovan – voiced by Louise Vallance
Presley's mother. She works at the City Museum. In Ghouls' Gold, Armon refers to her as "the wise Amanda" when recalling advice she gave Presley. She has insecure feelings that Presley misses being with his father, who is away on business, and tries to bond with her son often.

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