• Ms. Moynihan (Joanne Moynihan) - A science teacher who is a Velociraptor that survived extinction and gained a human form. She can communicate telepathically with the teens.
  • Max (Rolf Maxwell) - A hunky 18-year-old high school senior in Ms. Moynihan's class. He is the team leader and captain of the football team. His Dino form is a Tyrannosaurus. Max is voiced by Ian Eli Lee.
  • Caruso (Erwin Caruso) - A handsome high school senior in Ms. Moynihan's class. He is vain and obsessed with the idea of fame, as well as his "good looks". He can be a pain sometimes though as his selfishness and arrogance hurt the team. Though he did prove himself worthy to the squad in episode 23. In that same episode he is revealed to have created his own line of moisturizers. He also practices yoga. His Dino form is a Stegosaurus (although his dino form has five tail spikes, teeth and no beak, unlike the real Stegosaurus). Caruso is voiced by Benjamin Beck.
  • Fiona (Fiona Flagstaff) - Another high school senior in Ms. Moynihan's class. She is the only girl on the Squad (with the exception of Ms. Moynihan), and has a penchant for fast things like rollerblades or race cars. Ironically what grosses out Fiona entices Buzz (spiders, insects, etc.). She is allergic to spider bites, as revealed in "Never Judge a Dinosaur by its cover". Fiona is the squad's resident mechanic and gear head, and is also a tomboy. Max and Buzz may have a crush on her, but she doesn't seem to notice. Her Dino form is a Spinosaurus. Fiona has a little sister called Terri. Fiona is voiced by Dana Donlan.
  • Roger (Roger Blair) - Another high school senior in Ms. Moynihan's class. He is very smart and has a prankster streak. He is able to come up with gadgets even though his creations sometimes fail. Is somewhat arrogant like Caruso but helps the team when duty calls. He has a little brother named Mikey. His Dino form is a Styracosaurus (although his dino form has the horn arrangement of a Triceratops). Roger is voiced by Kelcey Watson.
  • Buzz (Neil Buzmati) - Another high school senior in Ms. Moynihan's class. He is 17 going on 18. His name is same as buzz the mascot and is the youngest member. He's the "punk" kid, who is scared of his own shadow. Several times throughout the series, he also shows affection for small creatures traditionally considered "gross" in European culture, such as rats, snakes, cockroaches, and spiders. Buzz is anything but a coward when he is needed in action. His alternate form, a Pteranodon, is one of the two non-dinosaurs in the Dino Squad.
  • Rump - The Dino Squad's mischievous pet bull terrier dog. He can transform himself into a strange animal that looks like a hybrid between a pig and a horse. The Dino Squad has not yet determined the species of dinosaur his "dino form" is supposed to be (although since Ms. Moynihan never "taught" him how to control his transformations as she did the kids, it's likely his dino form is mostly canine and it bears a resemblance to an Andrewsarchus). Rump usually gives Caruso a hard time from when he took his jacket in "The Beginning" as a stray dog, up until the episode "Runaway Ugly" when he ate Caruso's cupcake.
  • Kane: (voiced by Matthew Gorman) A Tyrannosaurus rex, and the leader of the Posse. He is the most headstrong (perhaps too headstrong) and confident of the Posse, and his just heart won't let Skor get away with his evil plans. Sometimes, he can get a little too serious with the task at hand, and his pride can get the better of him in some situations, but he is a natural leader and will be first to the rescue when his friends are in trouble. Apparently, he prefers quieter hobbies, (previously didn't like loud music) and is still less familiar with the modern world.
  • Lucy: (voiced by Laura Kolisnyk) A Triceratops, and the only girl in the Posse. She is quite resilient, calm, collected, and can follow and enforce orders from Kane without hesitation, but can be quite sarcastic. She is quite worldly and knowledgeable of the time of the dinosaurs and the modern era. She is seemingly quite into "girl stuff" in the modern era, such as having "girl talks", and her mannerisms and personality also reflect this, she sometimes gets annoyed with Jet and Chow's immature remarks or actions.
  • Jet: (voiced by Brent Hirose) A Pteranodon. Comes off as the most street smart and (modern) worldly of the Posse, especially in terms of language (referring to many people as "Dudes"). He comes off as rude, somewhat of a jerk, and full of himself but can be helpful, and quick to cover up a situation with words to those who are unaware. At times, he can be quite hasty which gets him captured or into trouble, usually as a result of trying to command the Posse, and take charge from Kane.
  • Chow: (voiced by Nolan Balzer) A Stegosaurus who has a voracious appetite. The largest and physically strongest dino in the Posse, and not exactly the smartest dino out there and can come off as somewhat clumsy and naïve, and more often than not, his appetite gets the best of him, but he is a very friendly and kind, dinosaur, just don't hide food from him. He seems quite quick to adapt and mimic the personalities and mannerisms of different people and new situations.
  • ===Friends of the Posse[edit]===
    • Edgar Chudley: (voiced by Simon Miron) He aids the Posse with his knowledge in mathematics, science and technology. Sometimes his knowledge and overthinking is too much for the Posse. He lives in the museum with the posse.
    • Polly: (voiced by Amy Tang) Another friend of the posse, who studies in the field of paleontology. Edgar seems to have a crush on her.

Secondary characters[edit]

    • Agatha Dimplecorn: (voiced by Gloria Nikkel) She is an elderly lady who is often heckling (unintentionally) with the Kung Fu Dino Posse.


    • Skor: (voiced by Carey Smith) The main antagonist of the series, and older brother of Skrap, he usually orders Skrap and his other minions to do his dirty work, such as stealing crystals from the Posse, while he stays in his lair. Although both Skor and Skrap are both referred to "raptors" in the first episode, they both have neck frills akin to the Dilophosaurus depicted in the 1993 film Jurassic Park.
    • Skrap: (voiced by Kevin Michele) Skor's younger, less intelligent brother, who reluctantly takes orders from his brother to do his dirty work. His regular incompetence with tasks disappoints and annoys Skor.
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