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The UrSkeks are a race of beings from The Dark Crystal. They are the original forms of the skeksis and urru (better known by the people of Thra as the mystics). When attempting to use The Crystal Of Truth to rid their hearts of its darkness, it instead split them into the two separate races. From being born of the crystal the skeksis desired to remain separated from the urru so they broke a shard off of the crystal to corrupt it into The Dark Crystal and remain separate from their urru counterparts. It is from then on that the skeksis took the castle of the crystal for themselves and ruled the land of Thra with an iron fist while the urru moved to a valley to practice philosophy.

List of UrSkeks

  • SoSu the original form of SkekSo The Emperor and UrSu The Master and the original leader of the UrSkeks until their separation. However because both UrSu and SkekSo die at the films beginning they never reunite.
  • UngIm the original form of SkekUng The Garthim Master and UrIm The Healer.
  • SilSol the original form of SkekSil The Chamberlain and UrSol The Chanter.
  • ZokZah the original form of SkekZok The Ritual Master and UrZah The Ritual Guardian.
  • TekTih the original form of SkekTek The Scientist and UrTih The Alchemist. However because SkekTek fell into a pit of lava causing UrTih to burn to death along with him, they never reunite.
  • NaNol the original form of SkekNa The Slave Master and UrNol The Herbalist.
  • AyukAmaj the original form of SkekAyuk The Gourmand and UrAmaj The Cook.
  • EktUtt the original form of SkekEkt The Ornamentalist and UrUtt The Weaver.
  • OkAc the original form of SkekOk The Scroll Keeper and UrAc The Scribe.
  • ShodYod the original form of SkekShod The Treasurer and UrYod The Numerologist.