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Uncle Steve is Mordecai's uncle. He is introduced in "Terror Tales of the Park II".


On Halloween, Mordecai tells the gang the story of "Payback", in which he is bowling with his friends as Uncle Steve watches. After loaning five dollars to Steve, Mordecai accidentally knocks him into the bowling ball machine causing his tie to get stuck, killing him. His death is never seen on-screen, instead being represented by a tree branch being put into a wood chipper at the local cemetery. Mordecai then starts to see Uncle Steve's ghost as he feels responsible for his uncle's death. Uncle Steve's ghost finally reveals itself to Mordecai where he chases Mordecai (and later Rigby) back to his grave. Uncle Steve reveals that he just wanted to return the five dollars Mordecai lent him. Mordecai takes the money back, and Uncle Steve's ghost goes back underground. He calls Mordecai "Mordy".


Uncle Steve is a blue jay like Mordecai and the rest of Mordecai's family. He is overweight and wears a white shirt and a light up tie with a bowling design. He has stubble on his face and long black/brown hair that runs down to his shoulders.


  • Uncle Steve's existence isn't proven until a flashback in "Maxin' and Relaxin'."
    • Prior to this, Uncle Steve was theorized to have been a fictionalized character made up by Mordecai.
    • Even so, whether or not Uncle Steve is alive or not remains uncertain.
  • It is revealed in "Maxin' and Relaxin'" that he is married to a female blue jay named Maxine.
  • Since Uncle Steve couldn't pay the $5 for a second game of bowling, he may be struggling financially.
    • However, he claims that his light-up tie "wasn't cheap", so he may just be bad at managing his money.
  • It is unknown if Uncle Steve is related to Mordecai's dad or mom.
    • He has black hair like Mordecai's dad, so he may be related to him.
  • He affectionately calls Mordecai "Mordy".

Season Four

"Terror Tales of the Park II"