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He is the head chef of the Goh-Rong Restaurant and a flavor expert! Uncle Dumpling really looks out for Pucca and is always ready to dish out advice, even if it's a little wacky. In episode Dance,Pucca,Dance He asked Pucca to wear his chef costume Ho and Linguini felt jealous for not thinking of that costume but in the end, he wore the costume in the party. Also in Chef Slump he falls depressed, believing he was the one who left a noodle in the dish so he tells his brothers to go to the chefs challenge to prove their honor. In Feud Fight he became angry with his brother for having ruined the dish that they were cooking so he left to go work alone starting a new restaurant of ???. Also in episode Ring Ring party favours He had the idea to make a party for Pucca to make her happy, he sent the invitations to the village with his brothers.


He has a black beard and black hair. His clothes are light black with black pants. He wears white apron.