After my dad was killed in the Korean War, that was that. But I never stopped raising those flags...I never missed a day

—Umi speaking to Shun about the signal flags she that raises

Umi Matsuzaki is the main character from From Up On Poppy Hill. She is voiced in English by Sarah Bolger, who also played Mallory Grace.


Umi is a 16(?) year old girl who is known as "the girl who raises flags", as she raises the same pair of signal flags every single morning and takes them down every night. She does this because her father told her to do so when she was young, her father, a ship captain explained that the flags meant "safe voyages" and she would raise them every time her father left port and will only taken them down when her dad's ship moored at the harbour. However, her dad was killed in the Korean War when his supply ship struck a mine. So instead she didn't stop raising them, to keep her memories of her father alive. To add to that she also pays her respects to her father with a fresh flowers and a glass of water every morning.

Apart from honouring her father, she cooks and cares for the family, doing most of the chores like washing, cleaning, cooking and shopping. Her mother is currently in America studying. She meets Shun, a boy she believed to "be summoned to her by her dad" and falls in love with him.


Umi Matsuzaki wears Japanese School Uniforms as blue skirt and white shirt and blue line with red ribbons

Umi in casual wear likes to wear a white shirt with a pink coat and a pink dress. During school she wears a Japanese Junior School uniform that features a shirt, a dark blue skirt, a red ribbon/tie and a white hankerchief bordered with blue. Her hair is done up by a twin braid (not sure, I'm not good with hairstyles).

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