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Ukyo (Metal Max 4 Moonlight Daiva).png

Ukyo is a Character of the Metal Max 4: Moonlight Daiva.


Former military hot seed, Doctor Gibson's old friend. I hate Bellman, who betrayed Captain Tehada, Ukyou's superior. It has a Skill that controls the Bike freely and intercepts bullets and shells with Katana. When he was making money at the end of Old Song by making use of the skill, he meets Hinata and others again. Maybe it's because of the character with Samurai as a motif, old-fashioned sayings. In addition, he is a rare boner in this World, which has a personality that values justice and in-laws rather than profits, and is sometimes devastated to the point where he cannot live without plotting or murder.

Voice Actor

Kazuya Nakai