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Two-Headed Parrot

The Two-Headed Parrot is a bird-like monster and a villain in  the TV series Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

Finster's creation, the Two-Headed Parrot aimed to split Jason and Tommy apart. It loved the Pamago fruit and when Tommy tossed it to him or rather them, the two heads fought for it.

Two-Headed Parrot was one in the Machine Empire's army in CTD, to the end in Phantom Ranger's Home Planet as Two-Headed Parrot was hited in Zordon's Energy Wave.

also best monsterous one head into two heads into best classic monster recall from toy & best tv show as Two-Headed Parrot to nickname toy Zyu2 called "Pete and Repete" best Bandai to the classic saban MMPR Episode "Two Heads Are Better Than One" are best in the Zyu2 book of picture as Trini and Tommy fighting monster named Two-Headed Parrot in US Monster Version battle in during create by Zyu2.


  • Bandai America has the toy listed as Pete and Repete.