"I tawt I taw a puddy tat." - Tweety Bird

Tweety is a cute canary bird (although he is sometimes referred to as a "rare tweety bird in some shorts as a plot device) that is kind and innocent but has a quick mind both with humor and outsmarting "puddy tats".


In "A Tale of Two Kitties", Tweety's speech is strange, as he mispronounces many words, such as "pussy cat" (which he says as "puddy tat"). Tweety's name was originally Orson, but this was soon changed, as his current name was already presented in his second cartoon, "Birdy and the Beast" (1944). Tweety had initially been portrayed simply as a (wild) birdling whose species had not yet been specified and was shown to reside in an outdoor nest high in a tree. After those several portrayals, it was only till 1947 when he had his first domestic role and his first human interaction in "Tweetie Pie", of which would become the most noted portrayal of the character (However even then, he would still be shown residing in an outdoor nest in later shorts).

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