Tulip is the deuteragonist in Storks. She was an employee at Cornerstone. She has lived in

Tulip render.png

Stork Mountain since she was a baby so she never knew her parents, after creating a baby by accident, she and Junior decide to deliver the baby to the Gardner family, in hopes of finding her family as well. She was voiced by Katie Crown.


She is a redhead with a very frizzy hair tied up in ponytail, has fair skin, green eyes and freckles. She wears a purple handkerchief on her neck, and wears a brown jumpsuit, a brown belt, and light tan boots. At the end of the movie, she wears a short-sleeved white shirt and blue jeans.


She is very goofy and always inventing things, but tends to mess up and break things. She doesn't think people will do what she say's they can do. (As when Junior went to bed when she said he can.)


She was the last baby made before Hunter (Storks) started his new cooperation. Jasper was her deliverer but ends up accidentally breaking the navigation device. For then, Tulip was not delivered. She lives among the storks only trying to fit in and trying to help. She ends up messing up and destroying things so Hunter (Storks) sends Junior to fire her. Junior doesn't have the heart to do so so he ends up making her work in the mail room, which is no longer in use. He tells her to stay there and to not leave the room. Suddenly, Tulip gets a letter from a boy wishing for a brother and she puts it into the machine thus it began to create a new baby. Junior tried stopping it but it was no use, it was already too late. An adorable baby girl was made. They both decide to team up to deliver the baby before Hunter finds out. Tulip only agrees because she does not want the baby to end up like her and also figures that maybe this can be her chance to find her family.

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