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Do Re Mi MonsterMarvin the Mud MakerMusician Monster • Tug Monster

Tug Monster was one of the three Muppet Monster kids in Little Muppet Monsters. He put on TV shows from the basement of the Muppet house with his sister Molly and brother Boo Monster.

Other variants

Tug Monster later appeared as Do Re Mi Monster in Muppet Time and in Mopatop's Shop as Marvin Mudmaker and Musician. The colored spots are only on the second version of Tug Monster. The third version of Tug doesn't have the spots. The fourth rendition had mud on it on his last appearance on the Muppet franchise. Though, he also appears on Mopatop's Shop's new intro.


  • Little Muppet Monsters
    • Episode 101: In the Beginning
    • Episode 102: Space Cowboys
    • Episode 103: The Great Boodini
  • The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years
  • Better World Society
  • The Muppets at Walt Disney World
  • Muppet Time (as Do Re Mi Monster)
  • Mopatop's Shop


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