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Tsukasa Okino (沖野 司 Okino Tsukasa) is a character in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.


A genius high school student who has a very high intelligence index and skillfully fumbles people. A short-haired, petite, delicate physique of silver, a neutral boy who looks like a beautiful girl when dressed as a woman. Produced various technologies including Machine Soldier. He has a strong intellectual curiosity, and he tends not to listen to what other people say and to act on his own. Formerly a futuristic person in 2105 that was ruined. In 2064 Battle, Okino himself was fighting with Jyuro Kurabe and Ei Sekigahara in Machine Soldier, but after breaking, he was transferred and hiding in 1944. In order to get used to the same era, dress as a woman and give herself the name Kiriko Doujima. In 1985, using Takatoshi Hijiyama, which he likes, he makes a leap to prevent the destruction of the World.


  • The name Tsukasa means "officer, boss" (司).
  • Tsukasa's surname Okino means "offshore, open sea, ocean, high seas" (沖) (oki) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).
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