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The Trix Rabbit (voiced by Mort Marshall, and later by Bret Iwan) is an anthropomorphic cartoon rabbit who continually attempts to trick children into giving him a bowl of cereal. He was discovered every time; the Trix Rabbit would say "It's absofruitalicious!" and guard his cereal. These ads sometimes closed with the Trix Rabbit following up his "It's absofruitalicious!" slogan. (This happened in case he managed to have a taste or he had a secret stash.) The Rabbit originated as a puppet before he was animated. The plight of the Trix Rabbit has drawn comparisons to Sisyphus, a Greek figure who was doomed to endlessly repeat a futile task. He did, however, succeed in obtaining and eating Trix cereal on occasion, including twice as the result of a box top mail-in contest (1976 and 1980) entitled "Let The Rabbit Eat Trix". The results of the vote were overwhelmingly "yes", and the rabbit was depicted in a subsequent commercial enjoying a bowl of Trix. Children who voted received a button based upon their vote in the election. In 1991, Trix won a Tour de Trix Bicycle Race. At the end of the race, two judges are arguing about whether Trix should get the prize. In order to decide the fate of the prize, the children are called upon to send in their votes. The result was yes and Trix got the prize.

In commercials from 1967, the 70s and 80s as well as today, the rabbit was known to disguise himself to get the cereal, employing costumes as diverse as a balloon vendor, a painter and a Native American. One alternate slogan for the cereal was, "Oranges, Lemons, and Grapes I see; the fruit taste of Trix is all for me". Once, Bugs Bunny helped the rabbit in an attempt to get the cereal.

The rabbit's popularity led him to appear in commercials for other products, such as a Got Milk? advertisement, where he disguises himself as a man taking Trix from a grocery store.