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"This is my life's work. I mean since I was a kid I dream't big. Y'know, I've always wanted to be international drugs dealer...and weapons trader."
  • Trevor

Trevor Phillips is one of the main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V, he is the founder of Trevor Phillips Enterprises being a drugs dealer and weapons trader. He is an old friend of Michael De Santa who used to commit heists with him to make large amounts of money until Michael "died".

Trevor found out about Michael's survival and went to Los Santos due to this but not before killing Johnny Klebitz and fighting against the Lost MC, O'Neil Brothers and Aztecas. Trevor reunited with Michael and eventually Trevor befriended Franklin Clinton and even Lamar Davis.

But towards the end, Devin Weston gives the choice to Franklin about taking out Trevor, Michael or sparing their lives. If Ending A is chosen, both Michael and Franklin kill Trevor. If Ending B is chosen, Trevor will say to Franklin to stay away from him. If Ending C is chosen, Trevor will help out his friends kill their enemies. Trevor will assassinate Steve Haines, and then kidnap Devin Weston to kill him later.
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