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Trent is one of Total Drama characters appears in season 1 and 2: "Island" and "Action". He is in love with Gwen until "Action", they broke up because he thought Gwen found Duncan attractive more than him. Trent is a relaxed, laid-back nice guy who tends to get along with everyone, even the immensely hated Chris. A straight-A student, he is intelligent but would rather not bring attention to it. He is known for his guitar skills, which impress several people throughout the series. He is also shown as being a pain magnet, suffering a number of near-death experiences and mishaps during Total Drama Island and sometimes in Total Drama Action. However, he usually recovers from these injuries by the next episode, showing himself to be a quick healer. As revealed in his biography, he also finds enjoyment in motorcycles and dreams of having his own bike shop one day.

He is a ladies man, having dated two girls since joining Total Drama and apparently many others before. In addition, Katie, Sadie, Lindsay, Gwen and Beth have shown attraction to him, and in Total Drama Action, he is shown to be dating Katie and Sadie. His lucky number is nine, as revealed in season two. In the same season, he is under the impression that he is losing Gwen to Duncan, and as a coping mechanism keeps involving the number with his everyday life. Unfortunately, due to a series of misunderstandings, heartache, and angry teammates, Trent's fate is crippled. Depressed about the events at first, Trent eventually brushes it off with the help of many new female fans. He is also able to maintain an awkward but sure friendly moment with his ex-girlfriend, even after his worst fear comes true.

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