Torch is the partly mechanical arson puppet who hates cruel children and adults. He punishes them all the time by fatally burn them until they’re nothing but burned corpse or ashes. Torch is the executioner of the group if it’s a child, an animal or adult.


Torch's head is made out of metal and is shaped like a German Stahlhelm helmet with small spear on the top. He has a mechanical jaw with bronze bullets for teeth. His eyes are a square shape with amber glass lenses. When he is getting ready to attack a red light shines through his eyes.

He wears a yellow military jacket with a golden star with wings badge on it. He has dark blue pants that are tucked into long black leather boots. On his left hand he wears a black glove and only has four fingers. On his right hand he has a black flamethrower cylinder.


Torch has a brutal attitude with flaming rage.


Torch has a flamethrower for his right hand that is used to burn people alive. Torch has Grenade Fire Launchers, flaming sword, explosive flaming bullets, Fire Pistol and Extensive arsenal of fire–creating weapons.


Torch has suffered some injuries throughout his career. He was blasted with a fire repellent as he got whipped and electrocuted by a Totem.


Torch was built for the first time by Eriquee Chaneé shortly after his resurrection at the Bodega Bay Inn. It would seem that Torch was bought to life by a different method than the other puppets as Toulon was using a spell which cast fire and bird-like shriek before Torch came to life. Torch was given a flamethrower to help protect the secrets so that the parapsychologists staying at the hotel wont discover them.

The puppets become very weak, especially Jester. So Toulon sent out Torch, Blade and Leech Woman into the night to murder people so he could harvest their brain matter to be used to create more elixir. The puppets broke into an old shack on a farm, it is there that Leech Woman was killed by the woman that lived there, by throwing her into a furnace. Torch got revenge on the woman, when he fatally burned her alive. Blade harvested the woman's brain but it is later revealed that it cannot be used because it has been badly burned.

Torch also went out during the day to find victims, he killed a child in a forest close to the hotel, simply for being provoked and was later ordered to kill Michael Kenney, a man staying at the hotel as at this point Toulon's rotting brain has descended into madness and he believed that one of the parapsychologists is his wife Elsa reincarnated. Michael put up a fight though and sprayed a fire extinguisher at Torch, temporary disabling his flamethrower and then he threw the entire extinguisher at Torch which knocked him out.

Torch later woke up and realized he has been betrayed by Toulon (who was now in a new mannequin body, after using all the elixir the puppets have killed for just for himself) and so he turned on Toulon by setting him on fire, destroying him. Afterwards, he and the puppets assisted Ms. Camille, a mannequin containing the soul of her, who is now evil for unknown reasons in "visiting" mentally ill children. This story is never followed up in the movies, only in the Action Lab Comics.

He showed up at Bodega Bay Inn while it was locked down by police after the events of Puppet Master 4. Although Torch was not seen in the previous movie which takes place one day before, he emerged this time for unknown reasons. This time he, along with the other puppets were assisting Rick Myers and their battle against Sutekh. He fought Sutekh's Totem. But, his flamethrower didn't seem to be effective and the Totem retaliated with a magic beam which knocked him out temporarily.

Even though he was fighting for the forces of good, he still showed occasional aggression, becoming the only puppet in 5 to kill someone. One of the thugs who broke into Bodega Bay Inn during its police lock down was Dr. Jennings who came to steal one of the puppets to use in his robotics company and get rich from it. After Jennings attacked Rick in an elevator, Torch waited for him at the top and fired his flamethrower towards him making him fall back down the elevator shaft to his death. That is the last time Torch is seen in the movies, it is unknown what happened to him after that.

During this time with Maclain, a rogue assassin broke into the Bodega Bay Inn and interrogated Peter Hertz (who had recently inherited the magic and the puppets). She had told him about reports of Torch and how he had killed the woman at the farm house many years ago. It is unknown where she had got this information from.


  • Torch's picture is seen in Puppet Master: Axis of Evil as the credits roll.
  • Torch appears on the poster art for Puppet Master 4 and also in behind the scenes photos, but he was cut from the movie and saved for Puppet Master 5 instead.
  • Torch had been mistaken to appear in Puppet Master X: Axis Rising, but that is impossible since Andre Toulon created him in 1991. They may be mistaken by The Puppet, Named "Blitzkreig", or another Nazi puppet. Though there was an idea that Torch was actually recycled from parts of those puppets.
  • He was going to be in Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys but then was replaced with Jester for unknown reasons. He still appears on the early concept art for the movie fighting Mr. Static.
  • Torch is the only puppet to kill a child but has changed after autogiro killed a child as well.
  • Torch was announced to appear in Axis Termination, but was cut from the movie because Charles Band wasn't sure how to fit him into the story. He still appeared on the promotional posters of the movie however.
  • His flame thrower can shoot out a flame that is 10 feet long.
  • Some fans have theorized that Torch's soul could be Neil Gallagher, Peter Hertz, or even a fire demon that Toulon was summoning, or one of the farm animals that the puppet's had killed earlier on. None of these are true.
  • The Plush Buddy toys claim that Torch's flame has a mind of its own and is named Smoulder.
  • It's said Torch head is the same size as a baby during a live stream of blade the iron cross
  • Tom Devlin also said he would love to do a Torch solo film
  • The color of the head of Torch is sometimes painted black or silver but in the film it is shown to be a gunmetal finish during the day when he meat Billy
  • The replica of Torch re-release, his bottom teeth look like a purplish grey
  • The Tiny Terror of Torch has him lighting a cigar but if this would be release it would be seen as odd by fans as Torch is a puppet and his soul is a child
  • When the Torch costume came out the mask was gold instead of a gunmetal and his bullets being gold and the tips being copper
  • The bullets in the mouth of Torch might be welded together. It's unknown why Toulon gave him bullets for upper teeth
  • It's unknown if parts of torch where made after Toulon was resurrection or before Toulon's suicide
  • Even though Torch never runs out of fuel for his flamethrower, he does have another weapon. The spike on his helmet might be used if he happens to run out of fuel.
  • It's unknown who voices Torch when he growls other than it has a metallic filter to it.
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