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Top Cat (or T.C.), is the yellow-furred, greedy, somewhat lazy and clever main character. He wears a purple hat and vest. He often rips off and/or tricks his gang and Officer Dibble. He does respect the effort the gang does for him, but he often takes credit for it. He also stops Officer Dibble from arresting him by lying to Dibble about how much talent Dibble has. He is voiced by Arnold Stang, Daws Butler, Tom Kenny, and Jason Harris in the English versions and Julio Lucena, Emilio Guerrero, Victor Delgado, and Raúl Anaya in the Latin American Spanish versions.


Top Cat is a slender yellow cat with a white muzzle, a black nose, a long tail, pointy ears with invisible eardrums, and black eyes. He has a purple hat with a black hatband around it. He also wears a purple vest.


Top Cat's personality is very greedy. He always tricks Officer Dibble and the gang. He is also somewhat lazy, but he dose somewhat respect what the gang does for him.


  • There might be special holes in Top Cat's hat because his ears are out of his hat.
  • Top Cat has 4 whiskers - 2 on each side.
  • He has 4 paw pads on his hands but only has 3 on his feet.