Roger Rabbit characters
The Toon Patrol (from left to right); Stupid, Greasy, Smart Ass, Psycho, and Wheezy
Toon Patrol
In-story information
Species: Anthropomorphic Weasels
Primary location: Toontown
Members: Smart Ass (leader)
Development information
First appearance: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Voiced by David L. Lander (Smart Ass)
Charlies Fleischer (Greasy and Psycho)
June Foray (Wheezy)
Fred Newman (Stupid)

The Toon Patrol is a group of five anthropomorphic animated weasels that serve as henchmen to Judge Doom, and the supporting villains of the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. They are voiced by the late David L. Lander (Smart Ass), Charles Fleischer (Greasy and Psycho), the late June Foray (Wheezy) and Fred Newman (Stupid).

In the film, the Toon Patrol are the law officers of Toontown, whom Judge Doom has hired to arrest Roger Rabbit for the murder of Marvin Acme. The Toon Patrol drive around in a Dodge Humpback paddy wagon.

The weasels enjoy laughing at the misery of others, including each other, and are fond of grim, dark concepts. Like all the other Toons in the movie, they are invincible to physical body harm, however, prolonged laughter is shown to be lethal to them, as while Eddie Valiant jokes around in front of them during the climax of the movie, they all (minus Smart Ass) "die" from laughing at him, after which their Toon souls rise to heaven.

While being designed, the weasels and their switchblades were modeled after the weasels in the 1949 Disney cartoon The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. The weasels also make an appearance in the Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin ride at Disneyland Resort.


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