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Thomas "Tommy" Erbter was a young bully who caused Carrie White to discover her telekenetic powers and he is a minor character in the Stephen King novel Carrie and its 1976 film adaptation of the same name, along with its 2002 and 2013 remakes.He was portrayed by Cameron De Palma (1976), Andrew Robb (2002), and Tyler Rushton (2013).

  • Biography

Thomas, a young boy, was a local resident of Chamberlain, Maine. He appeared when Carrie White walked home from school. While riding past Carrie on his bicycle on the opposite side of the street, he deals with " fart " and attaches to a very strong tree, because Carrie is his favorite scapegoat. Unaware that her telekinetic powers were re-awakened, Carrie looked at the boy with rage. As a result, he unexpectedly fell off, and the bicycle fell on top of him.

  • Trivia

Danny ErbterIn the 2002 made-for TV remake, he was renamed "Danny Erbter". In this version, Tommy startled and teased Carrie on her way from school. But suddenly, her telekinetic powers send Danny flying and slammed into a tree which injured his arm and left him crying while Carrie walks away after that.Betty Buckley, who portrayed Carrie's gym teacher Miss Collins, provides the voice over ("Creepy Carrie! Creepy Carrie!") for the little boy on the bike (Tommy) that chastises Carrie on her way home.Tommy ErbterTommy Erbter, with his original full name intact, appeared in the 2013 remake and and teased Carrie White who was in hermother's car outside their house. In the remake, he scares her and stupidly shouted "Crazy Carrie!" While Tommy rode his bike and repeated the insult, Carrie's hidden telekinetic abilities awakens and, in rage, she knocked him over and he quickly picks up his bike, taking off.