"WordGirl! My hero."

  • TJ to WordGirl

T. J. Botsford is the biological son of Tim and Sally Botsford and Becky's adoptive little brother.


Though he for the most part appears to be a normal human, in The Good, The Bad, And The Chucky during a game of hide and seek with Becky and Violet, he exhibits the ability to camouflage perfectly into surroundings, indicating that he may possess some kind of latent mutant ability.


According to the official WordGirl website:

TJ is Becky's 7-year-old brother and the biological son of Tim and Sally Botsford. He's super excited about everything!!! TJ idolizes WordGirl. In fact, he's the President and founding member of The Official WordGirl Fan Club. TJ thinks the fact that WordGirl flies and lifts supertankers is awesome!!! Little does he know that Word Girl is his sister, Becky.

He is WordGirl's biggest fan and is completely obsessed with her. However, when he briefly finds out that Becky is WordGirl, he wants nothing to do with her. He is also the president of the WordGirl FanClub and has most of her merchandise. TJ may also have some romantic feelings for her (like Tobey) as seen in Cherish is the Word when he brings her a heart-shaped valentine card.

TJ plays for a baseball team whose mascot is an octopus.

TJ is shown to be stubborn and somewhat mean to Becky, as most siblings are. However, he is shown to respect and look up to her. He has been described as a nuisance, as in Slumber Party Pooper, he annoyed and interrupted Becky's slumber party. TJ also a soft side, especially toward WordGirl and his favorite show Pretty Princess.

  1. In Win a Day with WordGirl, TJ enters a contest to meet WordGirl which is restricted to people between 8 and 12 years old.
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