Tina Nelson is a minor character in Minions. She is the daughter of Walter Nelson and Madge Nelson.


She is a bit small, with brown eyes and has blonde hair that is tied in pigtails. She dresses in a white and red dress.



When her family gave Kevin, Stuart and Bob a ride, she was sitting at the back, beside Kevin and it was shown that she is a big fan of Scarlet Overkill. Along with her family, they rob a bank and blames on herself for triggering the alarm. Soon then, they departed from the minions when they reached Orlando. But she was seen at the Villain-con along with her family, cheering for the minions as well when Bob became king. She also appears with her family again when Scarlet was getting the throne and she was cheering. Scarlet noticed her, and was even called “adorable." She was also seen at Scarlet's coronation her she almost was crowned queen, Tina and her family are last seen when Kevin, Suart and bob are knighted by the queen.

In a non-canon post credit she can be she dancing with the minions and everyone else, and she and almost all of the others (except Gru) are scared away by the T-rex.

Binky Nelson Unpacified

Tina is seen with her family after they had robbed a museum.

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