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Tiffany Malloy is portrayed by actress Nikki Cox on the TV series Unhappily Ever After, which ran from 1995 to 1999 on the WB network.


Tiffany was born in the late 1970's. She is the second of three offspring welcomed by parents Jack and Jennifer Malloy. Her brothers are Ryan Malloy (elder) and Ross Malloy (younger). Raised in Van Nuys, California, Tiffany is the smartest member of her family...besides being the most vain and self-conscious about her looks. She is very intelligent, beautiful, promising, talented, ambitious, and confident in her own is Sable O'Brien, her arch-rival at Van Nuys High School, whom she frequently competes with and compares herself to. Tiffany plans to attend an Ivy League college, in order to become rich and successful...or, as a backup plan, marry into wealth and prestige. Tiffany is a virgin and plans to save herself for marriage.


Tiffany's personality is a myriad of polar opposites. She is optimistic and ambitiously driven, but also self-centered and not as pure-spirited as she acts. Tiffany often uses her looks and sexuality to get what she wants - or at least thinks she wants - by manipulating men...particularly her brothers' friends. She regularly dreams about money and fame, maintaining her enviable figure through vigorous exercise. Tiffany believes that her looks can and will help her through any obstacle, as they frequently do; she takes considerable pride in her appearance and abilities, sometimes to the point of bragging about them. She is not vicious, but can be rather naive. She and Sable are the "Queen Bees" at Van Nuys High; boys fantasize about both, while other girls fantasize about being either. Tiffany has a self-indulgent side; she knows that she's her dad's favorite child, and often manipulates him. Tiffany's mom sees the girl as "too perfect", which drives her up the wall with jealousy. As the calmest and most levelheaded member of the Malloy family, Tiffany habitually contradicts her brothers and their parents...pointing out their flaws with sharp wit and sarcasm.

Personal Appearance[]

Tiffany is tall, attractive, voluptuous, and physically fit. She has long auburn hair, hazel eyes, large breasts, and a stunning hourglass figure. She often dresses in short skirts with high heels and a high amount of cosmetics (ironic for someone who insists that she's saving herself for marriage).

By the standards of both character and fashion sense, Tiffany can be considered the "best of both worlds" when contrasted with Carol Seaver (Growing Pains) and Kelly Bundy (Married...With Children). That is to say, basically, Tiffany has a steel-trap mind and looks great in her underwear.

Tiffany's Bedroom[]

Tiffany's room is decorated with a little girl in mind. Covered in pink wallpaper, it contains a large vanity table. Her bed is covered with a colorful and comfortable quilt, several pillows, stuffed animals, and an ornamental headboard. All of this represents Tiffany's princess-like personality and how her father sees her as his "little girl". She later feels that she's becoming far too old for the decor. So she makes over her room in season 5 to give it a modern, simple look.

Etymology/History of Name[]

Tiffany is a Common give name which in Greek means Manifestation of God. Which can describe Tiffany as God-like as she is seen as the perfect woman or "God's gift to men".

Familial and Friend Relationships[]

Jack (Father): Tiffany is her fathers favorite and she tends to take advantage of him. This is simply because of his daughters virginity Jack believes that his daughter is pure and innocent and can do no wrong. This is also why Tiffany sweet-talks her father into letting her do anything she wants. Jack hardly ever yells at or reprimands his daughter because he will always see her as his little girl (he literally sees Tiffany as a little girl in his mind). Also this may be because Tiffany is Jack's only daughter. Yet her mother finds Jack's attitude unacceptable and will often be the disciplining parent. Jack is extremely overprotective of his only daughter especially with boys or anything that he considers to be overly sexual. This is probably because Jack doesn't want her to do the same mistakes that he and Tiffany's mother made when they were teens.

Jennifer (Mother): Like her father Tiffany loves her mother and will often come to her for advice. Unfortunately for Tiffany, her mother will usually give her terrible advice.