If you check the [history of the page on https://characters.wikia.com/wiki/General_Grievous_(2008)?curid=24278&action=history General Grievous (2008)], you will see that there currently is an edit war going on, of which I am a part. You will also see the four similarly-named accounts used by the same person.

The situation is that this person feels General Grievous is a hero and has created several wikis and at least one other website in order to tell his view of the character. That would be fine except he is also going to other wikis that have information on Grievous, such as this one, and attempting to force his viewpoint on those wiki.

Prior attempts to talk with him have failed and to ask him to at least be open to the possibility that others might not see the character as he does. His response is typically to say "Grievous is hero. Fact." and "It's the truth." In addition, he has stated several times on other wikis that he will continue to create new accounts so he can keep making edits.

Please check into this. I will hold off making any further edits to that page so you have time to look into it. Thanks.<ac_metadata title="Requesting help with an edit war"> </ac_metadata>

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