Update on my request. The account he was using before, GeneralGrievousHero4Life16, is now globally blocked. Within five hours, he had created a new account, GeneralGrievousHero4Life17, in order to get around the block and to continue forcing his agenda on this wiki. It's been necessary for me to continue with the edit war in order to revert what I now consider deliberate vandalism.

Here are statements made within the past day on the Vader: A Star Wars Theory Fan Series wiki:

  • "I know I will never stop coming back until the Grievous Hero facts are safel."
  • "Grievous is a hero fact and I can spread the truth around and people will enjoy..."
  • in discussing some videos he made with another person: "That's why Grievous kills you and tortures you in my videos. More comming soon! :D"
  • "Grievous is a portrayed as a hero but Dave filioni's stupid bias tries to portrayl wrong". (Dave Filoni was the showrunner for The Clone Wars TV series.)
  • "I hate you know.I really do you hope you die slow because you need a wakeup call. My channel will grow and I will become great my with FACTS vs your biased opinions. I will be soon doing something to where you cannot disliking my videos so have fun with that!"
    "So yeah, I pretty wish you stop and all is God's hands as usual you pathetic little piece of crap."
  • "HAAHAHAH! You're pathetic. Grievous is a hero and you're just biased and can't accept facts! HAHAHAAHAHHA!"

If nothing else, please fully protect the page on the version without his edits. Whether that's permanent or for a shorter amount of time like a year, I leave to you judgement.

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